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BBC News - World

Last feed update: Saturday January 16th, 2021 04:00:18 PM

Uganda: Veteran leader Yoweri Museveni declared election winner

Saturday January 16th, 2021 01:32:58 PM
But his main rival Bobi Wine claims vote-rigging and vows to produce evidence.

Armin Laschet elected leader of Merkel's CDU party

Saturday January 16th, 2021 12:11:06 PM
Centrist Armin Laschet is now in a good position to succeed Angela Merkel as Germany's chancellor.

Biden inauguration: All 50 US states on alert for armed protests

Saturday January 16th, 2021 03:01:58 PM
National Guard troops from across the country descend on Washington DC amid tightened security.

US Election 2020: What do countries around the world want from Joe Biden?

Saturday January 16th, 2021 12:09:46 AM
We speak to reporters in six global regions about hopes and expectations for the new US administration.

Coronavirus: EU anger over delayed Pfizer vaccine deliveries

Saturday January 16th, 2021 05:43:38 AM
Many EU countries are receiving significantly fewer doses due to a change in manufacturing processes.

Tennis stars' arrival angers stranded Australians

Saturday January 16th, 2021 03:32:14 PM
Players are flown in ahead of the Australian Open while thousands of citizens are waiting to return.

Dustin Higgs: Final execution of Trump presidency is carried out

Saturday January 16th, 2021 09:03:01 AM
The execution of Dustin Higgs, 48, is the 13th federal death sentence carried out since July.

Covid: UK variant could drive 'rapid growth' in US cases, CDC warns

Saturday January 16th, 2021 03:26:36 AM
Health officials warn the highly contagious UK Covid variant could become the dominant strain in the US by March.

Champion golfer Ángel Cabrera 'arrested in Brazil' over alleged assault

Friday January 15th, 2021 09:16:05 PM
Mr Cabrera faces extradition to Argentina where he is alleged to have committed domestic abuse.

WhatsApp changes: Signal messaging platform stops working as downloads surge

Friday January 15th, 2021 10:27:17 PM
Signal has been downloaded millions of times since WhatsApp unveiled new privacy terms last week.

Coronavirus vaccine: India begins world's biggest drive

Saturday January 16th, 2021 07:39:45 AM
Health and frontline workers are first in line for jabs at vaccination centres across the country.

Covid in California: The state is struggling to contain the virus

Friday January 15th, 2021 10:54:48 PM
California's poor residents are among those hardest hit by the pandemic.

Capitol riots: Police describe a 'medieval battle'

Friday January 15th, 2021 07:52:23 PM
US police held back a mob for hours in a "barbaric" battle at the Capitol. Here are their stories.

Ethiopia's Oromia conflict: Why a teacher was killed 'execution-style'

Saturday January 16th, 2021 12:35:35 AM
An increasing number of civilians are becoming victims of the conflict in Ethiopia's Oromia region.

Brexit: End to Gibraltar land border prompts joy and trepidation

Saturday January 16th, 2021 12:17:43 AM
For residents on both sides of the border there are hopes of an end to queues, but not everyone is convinced.

Trump's Christian supporters and the march on the Capitol

Friday January 15th, 2021 10:47:33 PM
Christian supporters of President Trump were among the thousands who descended on Washington.

China’s pressure and propaganda - the reality of reporting Xinjiang

Friday January 15th, 2021 12:07:39 AM
In addition to heavy restrictions on journalists in the Xinjiang region, China alleges “fake news”.

Colourising historical photos of the civil rights movement

Friday January 15th, 2021 12:24:17 AM
Jordan J Lloyd has added digital colour to black-and-white photos of Dr King and the civil rights movement.

Rajini Chandy: The 69-year-old Indian actress trolled for ‘too sexy’ photos

Friday January 15th, 2021 12:05:15 AM
Rajini Chandy, a southern Indian actress, has raised hackles in a state where women still dress modestly.

Martin Luther King Jr: New documentary on FBI surveillance

Saturday January 16th, 2021 12:07:52 AM
New documentary highlights extent of the FBI surveillance of the US civil rights leader.

Project 17: One girl's quest for clean water in Rwanda

Saturday January 16th, 2021 12:01:55 AM
Joyce, 17, explores progress towards the goal of clean water for all in her country, Rwanda.

North Korea: Kim Jong-un oversees huge military showcase

Friday January 15th, 2021 09:00:14 AM
Planes, missiles and marching troops are on show as North Korean state media broadcasts a massive parade.

Young, black and more likely to die in Brazil

Friday January 15th, 2021 12:04:11 AM
A BBC investigation uncovers who is most at risk of lethal police violence in Brazil.

Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein: Inside the world's richest e-sports player's mansion

Friday January 15th, 2021 12:03:23 AM
Johan "N0tail" Sundstein has earned more than $7.4m (£5.4m) in prize money to date.


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Last feed update: Saturday January 16th, 2021 04:00:18 PM

Damaged Roads, Lack of Gear Hinder Indonesia Quake Rescue

Saturday January 16th, 2021 02:09:48 PM
Damaged roads and bridges, power blackouts and lack of heavy equipment on Saturday hampered rescuers after a strong earthquake left at least 46 people dead and hundreds injured on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island.

Mexican President Compares Social Media Censorship to Spanish Inquisition, Calls for Global Action

Friday January 15th, 2021 04:18:35 PM
Mexico’s president vowed Thursday to lead an international effort to combat what he considers censorship by social media companies that have blocked or suspended the accounts of U.S. President Donald Trump. 

Number of Christians Murdered for Faith Rose 60 Percent in 2020: List of Most Dangerous Places for Believers

Thursday January 14th, 2021 09:16:28 PM
The watchdog organization Open Doors USA says levels of Christian persecution are at a record high around the world. The group announced the 2021 World Watch List this week. The report ranks the top 50 countries where it is the most dangerous to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Pastors Call on Christians to Ditch the Fear and Political Conspiracy Theories

Thursday January 14th, 2021 03:18:50 PM
Political conspiracy theories helped fuel last week's Capitol Riot, and some continue to spread, even in the church. Now, key pastors are stepping up to condemn them as dangerous lies.

China Says It's Doing Great After Coronavirus. It's Not. 

Wednesday January 13th, 2021 06:13:14 PM
China has been busy trying to show the world that it offers a better, more stable, and prosperous way than the US and that its economy has recovered from coronavirus while other nations are still stuck in lockdowns. But is that true?

Christian Families Banned from Worship in One Indian State as Persecution Worsens

Tuesday January 12th, 2021 10:03:42 PM
Christians in India are facing more persecution as the Indian government tries to enforce the Hindu religion across the country. 

Trump Admin Slams Cuba with New Terrorism Sanctions in Waning Days

Monday January 11th, 2021 08:38:47 PM
The Trump administration on Monday re-designated Cuba as a “state sponsor of terrorism,” in a move that hits the country with new sanctions shortly before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

Police in Pakistan Locate Bodies of Christian Sisters, Killed for Refusing to Convert to Islam

Monday January 11th, 2021 05:39:19 PM
Pakistani police discovered the bodies of two Christian women in Lahore on Jan. 4 who were reportedly killed by their Muslim supervisors for not converting to Islam.

Indonesian Divers Find Parts of Plane Wreckage in Java Sea

Saturday January 9th, 2021 01:58:19 PM
Authorities said they determined the location of the crash site and black boxes of a Boeing 737-500 on Sunday, a day after the aircraft crashed into the Java Sea with 62 people on board shortly after taking off from Indonesia’s capital.

After Brutal War, Armenia's Christians Say Birth of Christ Gives Them Hope for 'Rebirth of Our Nation and Our Dreams'

Friday January 8th, 2021 07:40:41 PM
In October, fighting broke out between two former Soviet-held countries, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The short war resulted in more than 5,000 dead and 100,000 displaced. Now it's winter in Armenia. The cold weather might be brutal, but the citizens of this historically Christian nation make it through by drawing on warm traditions of faith and family. 

'We Simply Desire to Worship Our Lord': Canadian Church Fined for Holding In-Person Worship Service

Wednesday January 6th, 2021 09:47:31 PM
A Canadian church was fined for a second time due to holding an in-person worship service, despite orders banning large gatherings during the pandemic.

About 50 Hong Kong Activists Arrested Under New Security Law

Wednesday January 6th, 2021 04:26:44 PM
Hong Kong police arrested about 50 former lawmakers and pro-democracy activists Wednesday for allegedly violating the new national security law by participating in unofficial election primaries for the territory's legislature last year.

14 Alleged Chinese Secret Agents Were Apprehended in 2020, Working for US Colleges and Universities

Tuesday January 5th, 2021 07:45:25 PM
More than a dozen college professors and researchers working for America's higher education institutes were arrested last year for their affiliation with China.

UK Courts Accused of 'Euthanasia by a Back Door' After Ordering Withdrawal of Vital Treatment for Foreign Citizen

Tuesday January 5th, 2021 05:30:56 PM
A judge in the UK has ordered doctors to withhold life-sustaining treatment from a middle-aged Polish man hospitalized with a brain injury, despite evidence showing his improvement.

UK Prime Minister Orders New Virus Lockdown for England

Monday January 4th, 2021 11:32:13 PM
Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday a new national lockdown for England until at least mid-February to combat a fast-spreading new variant of the coronavirus, even as Britain ramped up its vaccination program by becoming the first nation to start using the shot developed by Oxford University and drugmaker AstraZeneca.

Iran Starts 20% Uranium Enrichment, Seizes South Korean Ship

Monday January 4th, 2021 06:19:07 PM
Iran began enriching uranium Monday to levels unseen since its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers and also seized a South Korean-flagged tanker near the crucial Strait of Hormuz, a double-barreled challenge to the West that further raised Mideast tensions.

China's Communist Government Increasing Pressure Against Church in Hong Kong: Report

Sunday January 3rd, 2021 05:32:01 PM
China’s communist government is increasing its pressure on the Catholic Church in Hong Kong following the passage in May of the National Security Law, which gives mainland China jurisdiction in the once-autonomous region.

Iran Plans 20% Uranium Enrichment 'As Soon As Possible'

Saturday January 2nd, 2021 03:47:10 PM
Iran said Saturday it plans to enrich uranium up to 20% at its underground Fordo nuclear facility “as soon as possible,” pushing its program a technical step away from weapons-grade levels as it increases pressure on the West over the tattered atomic deal.

Security Firms Say Suspicious Object on Oil Tanker Off Iraq

Thursday December 31st, 2020 06:33:29 PM
Sailors involved in transferring fuel oil from an Iraqi tanker in the Persian Gulf to another vessel owned by a shipping company traded in the U.S. discovered a “suspicious object” they fear could be a mine, authorities said Thursday.   

'We Want God': Trump Issues Proclamation Packed with Powerful Quotes on Faith and Freedom

Thursday December 31st, 2020 02:21:41 PM
This week President Trump issued a proclamation that was filled with some profound quotes about faith and freedom, intended to reaffirm America's mission to end religious persecution worldwide.

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